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Q: What is your best fashion memory?
A: Sitting on Yves Saint Laurent’s lap at Dave’s for New Year’s when I was about 12.

Q: How did you first become friends with Marc Jacobs?
A: I saw pictures of his grunge collection when he was at Perry Ellis, when I was about 19 or 20.
I was visiting New York with my mom, and asked if we could go see it. Robert Duffy, Marc’s partner, met me and was nice enough to show me the collection and then Marc said “Hello”, and we started talking. We got along and had interests in common.

Q: What item would you never, ever wear?
A: I don’t like to say never, but I’m pretty sure I’d never wear a velour sweat suit.

Q: What are your all-time favourite films?
A: All that Jazz, Rumble Fish, Breathless, The Last Picture Show and Lolita.


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Bardot II

vogue germany, janeiro 2010

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Bardot I

bardot inspired @ vogue germany

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Michael Oats

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Grávida e radiante

Já viu grávida mais estilosa que a editora russa Miroslava? Assiste aos desfiles da semana de moda empenhando o barrigão e ainda posa para os fotógrafos com esse sorriso lindo!

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Gabrielle Chanel tem uma nova biografia, recheada de novos detalhes e uma pesquisa detalhada e cuidadosa de sua vida. Simone Esmanhotto fez uma matéria para a Vogue deste mês e ainda complementou com uma entrevista fantástica com Justine Picardie, a autora.

Clique aqui para ler a entrevista.

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Eniko Mihalik & Yuri Pleskun para Muse #22.

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